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1.3.2020, Anna Dlouhá

My students asked me which language app was the best for learning Czech. There are many language apps, but not all of them offer Czech as foreign language. This is the case Memrise, Babbel, Busuu. There is not yet Czech.
Let’s see those including Czech. All the following applications are free, however there are in-app purchases, premium version. See my recommendations below.

Duolingo – one of the best-known language apps which includes Czech as well.

Intuitive application. Basically, you learn by translating the words and sentences with the help of an audio guide. You might ask how can one translate the sentence without knowing having learned the words before? You can tap on the words in each sentence to find out the meaning, but they don’t explain the differences between. Example: Hello (translated as: Zdravím, dobrý den, ahoj) – which is correct, but you don’t get the details – which one is formal which one is informal.


Mondly – The free version this application offers so man y languages. You receive daily lessons; in each you learn several words and sentences. You listen to a sentence in Czech, the sentence is written above in your language. You must fill in a missing word or write the whole sentence. You must choose the correct words from several suggested below.


Innovative and Fast learn Czech –by trustworthy website providing the language services in the world.e

Innovative – in its free version you get to know to Czech basic grammar. You un upgraded package by subscribing to several different packages. can purchase Mobile, Basic, Premium or Premium + package.

Advantages: lessons are introduced by English native speakers and Czech large offer of topics,

Drawbacks: Not exact translation – What are the Top 10 Summer sports? Translated as Kterých je nejoblíbenějších sportů – it should které jsou. Some translation are old-fashioned – basketball – košíková. We use rather basketbal.


Fast Learn Czech

However, language apps teach mainly vocabulary, in Learn Czech you will also find podcast type of lessons, very short lessons of few minutes. Each lesson brings you several useful sentences. You can learn essential Czech vocabulary and phrases related to shopping, going to the doctor, travel, technology, weather.

Advantages: they break the words down and you can listen several times, slowly and the normal way.

Drawbacks: Every lesson includes an introduction which is the same for each lesson inviting you to visit the website. This introduction becomes annoying after two lessons as it is the same all the time and almost if the lesson itself.



Thanks to these App you should be able to learn the most common used Czech words in one week. Choose one of 27 topics such as animals, clothing, city, family and other and learn vocabulary with an audio-visual help.

Advantages: Natural voice. Every topic includes learning areas such as vocabulary, flash cards, quiz, memory game.

Drawbacks: Memory game consists of four pictures, as each of them appears there you will hear a word in Czech. But, you might not know what does it mean from the picture as once there is a green pea (and the word is GREEN in Czech) and the other is green colour and brush on the wall (this time you will hear to PAINT in Czech).


Lingo Play – Once you learn new vocabulary (with the help of pictures and voice) you can continue to a test – I do like this part very much. You can compare your knowledge and pace as well. You get random users of this application across the world. You must answer faster and always correctly to win. My favourite part and I can spend there lots of time. This is the reason why I would recommend this app.

Advantages: Entertaining test with other users.

Drawbacks: Sometimes the translated words are in an old Czech – regarding the clothing – nátělník (undershirt), opasek (belt) you hardly hear this in nowadays Czech. It should be tílko and pásek.


Speak Czech / Mluvte česky

There are 4 topics in the free version: Hello, traveling, in the city, on vacation.
In accordance with its name (SPEAK CZECH) the app prefer rather sentences and dialogs than just words. However, there is no explanation, just the translated sentence. You might have lots of questions without any answer. Therefore, not suitable for the beginners. When you purchase the full version, you’ll get 33 lessons, 1300 phrases and 2500 words.

Advantages: Focuses on the whole sentences.

Drawbacks: Not suitable for beginners.


Nemo Czech – You can select how many words a day you want to learn. In the free version you will find about 100 words and sentences. Useful questions. When you purchase the full version, you’ll get more than 1200 words and sentences. And 32 topics.

Advantages: It is great for beginners. it records your voice and compare it to the word and voice….

Drawbacks: No visual part. Synthesized voice. The translation – not correctly written words Nashledanou (instead of na shledanou), Thank you – translated as díky. This one is more spoken and corresponds to Thanks.


If you don’t want to spend money on apps I recommend to download NEMO Czech for the total beginners and then continue with Lingo play and Innovative. If you don’t mind purchasing an app go with Inovative, as there are many opportunities, samples, different materials accompanying the app.


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