10 tips to learn Czech efficiently?

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1.12.2019, Anna

Can some people learn languages faster than others? Or is there anything that you can do better to progress faster?

So how to learn Czech efficiently and quickly? What is the best way to go?

I don’t believe there are people who learn easily on one side and people who aren’t able to learn a language at all on the other. It is always a matter of attitude.

So far I have learned 3 foreign languages (at different levels). So, here are my tips.

In case you live or stay in the Czech Republic you have an advantage. Czech is all around you. And offers you so many possibilities. Let’s see some of them.

If you can learn even for few minutes a day you’re on a perfect way how to learn the language - you don't need to spend hours learning, try to find 5 to 15 minutes a day 😊. 

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for learning languages. It helps if you already have some Czech friends, or if you follow profiles such as 123 Czech :-) where you can find several posts per week.

Pay attention to ads. Billboards, ads in metro, trams or in shops. You will discover new words, new sentences. You learn imperative tenses.

Listen to Czech music, you can find it on YouTube with lyrics, or on Spotify.

Watch TV – if you don’t have one, you can find Czech TV on a web (O2TV). Start with ads, forecast (great for future tenses), then shows (such as Česko Slovensko má talent, or Star dance and others).

Sport activities with Czechs. Going to sport classes enables you to learn intuitively (as you hear specific information repeatedly). It provides you with many useful sentences and new words.

When you learn – do not write down only the new word, rather write down the whole sentence or at least a word with a preposition. Praha (Prague), jedu do Prahy (I am going to Prague), jsem v Praze (I am in Prague). Czech endings change with different prepositions and cases therefore it is advisable to learn the whole connections.

Don’t be afraid of speaking! Another quote says: “Do you know what a foreign accent is? ...........It’s a sign of bravery.” (Amy Chua). Czechs really appreciate if you speak or even if you just try speaking Czech. If you can encourage yourself to speak to other people you are on a great way to learn fast.

Define your goals in Czech. What would you like to achieve? Try to keep your goals always on your mind.

What is your motivation? Do you need it in order to work? It is necessary? Or, do you simply want to understand friends that are talking in Czech? Or have you got children at Czech school and would like to understand the curriculum?
Or maybe you would just like to get a little bit closer to people around you?


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